2016 Recipients:

and Candy with a degree in English and Political Science. The Rules moved to Pennsylvania in the summer of 1966 where Candy started her first year teaching in the Fall at Gettysburg High. At the start of the year in 1967, Vern decided to start substitute teaching in mostly the Littlestown Area and did so over the next five years. In the summer of 1972, Vern became the manager of the Littlestown Community Swimming Pool and in the Fall, he became a permanent English teacher at LHS. In 1974, Candy became the 7th and 8th Grade English teacher at Maple Avenue Middle School. She became heavily involved in directing and was ahead of the Drama Club which staged all theatrical productions for the school. In the Fall of 1988, Candy transitioned to teaching 9th grade English at LHS and again oversaw all of the theatrical productions there. Vern himself, coached Cross Country for twenty three years during his teaching career in the school district. He also started mock trial and girls track during his time there at school. The Rules and their family love to travel and throughout their life they’ve made many trips back and forth to Minnesota and Missouri to see family members. Since then, they have also traveled to China, Africa, Ireland, Italy, England, and about seventeen countries in Europe which include; Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia. In 1997, Vern retired from his thirty year teaching career and Candy followed suit, retiring three years later in 2000 after teaching for thirty four years. However, we all know that didn’t stop them from continuing to impact the lives of more people. Vern and Candy participated in a wonderful program called the Concordia Global Language Villages China Teaching Experience. The first year they taught as teachers in 2001 and the second time they were deans of the school in 2002. They are the proud parents of Heidi, Sean, Tom, Heather, and one grandchild, Cai. Today you can find Vern highly involved with The Littlestown Area Historical Society and organizing the Annual Good Ole' Days festivities. Candy is quite involved with her church work at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and playing the organ. They both are proud to be among the dear hearts and gentle people who live and love in Littlestown!

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2015 Recipients:

               Kenneth Zell Thomas was born on April 2, 1944 to Zell Ur and Anna Edna (Eyler) Thomas in Gettysburg, PA. Thomas grew up in the Biglerville area and graduated from Biglerville High School in 1962. Encouraged by his high school woodshop teacher, Ken entered Millersville State Teachers College to obtain a degree in Industrial Arts education. While working at the Sugar Bowl, an on campus snack bar, Ken met his future wife, Eileen. Graduating in 1967, Thomas took a job as the Industrial Arts teacher at Littlestown High School the following year. That same year, he married Eileen Maus and took up residence in Littlestown.  They have three children; Chad, Eric, Molly and eight grandchildren. Thomas and his wife are incredibly active in Bart's Centenary Methodist Church in Littlestown. Following a teaching career spanning thirty eight years, Ken decided to retire in 2005. Since his retirement, alongside his notable teaching career, Ken is known throughout the Littlestown Community for establishing the Littlestown Area Historical Society in 2007, as well as his vital role in planning the Littlestown Sestercentennial Celebration in 2015. Today, you can find Ken actively involved in the Littlestown Community, spending time with his growing family, and working with his hands.

2017 Recipients:

               Marvin "Babe" Breigner was born in 1920 to Harry and Carrie (Feeser) Breighner in Littlestown, PA. Following his graduation from LHS in 1939, Breighner joined the 90th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army during WWII. Once he returned to Littlestown, he purchased the former Yingling's Drug Store from the widow of pharmacist, Stanley Zercher. Here he opened Marvin's Cut Rate, a soda fountain and convenience store, which he ran from 1942-1970. He married JoAnne Mellott in 1947 and they have three children; Frank, Carolyn, Kathy, and four grandchildren. Babe's presence in the Littlestown community was felt tremendously, not only through his successful business, but through his guiding hand in multiple capacities. Beginning in 1965 with the Littlestown Bicentennial Celebration, Breighner took the reigns as Co-Chairman, making it an event to be remembered for years to come. As president of the Chamber of Commerce, he created the Outstanding Citizen Award, which was in part the inspiration for creating the Littlestown Living Legacy Award™. Confirmed in 1934 at Redeemer's UCC in Littlestown, Breighner is the oldest living member of the congregation. Babe is a proud supporter of The M.L.S. King Living Legacy Guild and today can be found reminiscing about Littlestown's rich past, remaining confident in the future accomplishments of the community he loves so dearly.

Marvin "Babe" Breighner

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2013 Recipients:

Ralph Ruggles, Jr.

Roger Gouker

Shirley Little

Roger Gouker

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               Shirley Marie Hawk (Little) was born in 1931 to Edward and Ruth Ella (Heiner) Hawk in Littlestown, PA. She graduated from LHS in 1949, attended West Chester University to study Music and later majored in Spanish/English, minoring in Music at Gettysburg College, graduating in 1954. Just days later, she married her high school sweetheart, Dick Little Jr. They have two children, Lee Ann (Study) and Greg, and three grandchildren. From 1971-1972, along with her husband, they attended Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science. It was 1974 when Shirley and her late husband took over Little's Funeral Home, a business which Dick's grandfather began in 1918. Shirley regularly attends her home church of Redeemer's UCC in Littlestown. Today, Shirley can still be found involved not only in the family business, but in the Littlestown community as a whole. When asked if she was retired, Shirley replied, "I'm not and don't plan to anytime soon!"

Mary Selby

Herbert "Herbie" Sell

               Richard Eugene "Dick" Selby was born on October 9, 1934 in Hagerstown, MD to Bernard and Mary Clabaugh Selby. As an only child, Dick grew up in Littlestown attending Littlestown High School and graduated in 1952. Following LHS, Selby attended Gettysburg College gaining lots of experience working with the Gettysburg College radio station. Dick graduated in 1956 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and a minor in Sociology. Following graduation from Gettysburg, Dick worked nights for WGET when there was a draft. Due to his bad eyesight, he didn't meet the qualifications for the army, so instead he enlisted in the Air Force. Selby went to Lachlan Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, but wanting to stay in the Public Information field he was sent directly to Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, a small town similar to Littlestown. He went from assistant editor to editor of the base newspaper during his time there. Dick then became involved with KYME Boise and began working at KYME Broadcasting on weekends for several years. He also hosted a daily radio program on KYEM from Mountain Home based on Mountain Home Air Base as a civilian airman for 3+ years. In December of 1959, Selby was discharged and returned to Littlestown when he went to work nights in York at WNOW. He then transferred jobs and worked nights at WTTR in Westminster for several years. Selby then became program director at WGET and spent the remaining years of his career in Gettysburg, retiring Saturday July 4, 1999. Even in his retirement, Dick never slowed down! After his career on the radio, Selby worked as a public relations consultant and then finally Littlestown's Borough Manager. Throughout much of his life, he was extremely devoted to his Catholic upbringing and contributed in many capacities to the work of St. Aloysius Catholic Church. Dick was also highly involved in the Littlestown Community throughout his life, narrating the town's Bicentennial Pageant in 1965 and was co-chairman of the Littlestown Community Pool committee. Thanks to Dick Selby and many others who were involved with the establishment of the local swimming pool, Littlestown has a beautiful recreational park to be enjoyed by present and future generations. In addition, Dick has served as President of The Jaycees and The Lions Club, member of The Littlestown Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer of the Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors of Adams County Baseball League Tournament, Secretary of South Penn Baseball League, Board Member of The Stonesifer Trust Committee, Chairman of Alpha Fire Co. #1, Chairman of the Littlestown Borough Planning Commission, Finance Committee Chairman of St. Al's, MC for many Littlestown activities such as games and parades, as well as influential in helping with the Littlestown Bicentennial festivities. Selby's mother, Mary, received the Littlestown Living Legacy Award in 2013. Prior to his sudden passing, Dick established the Bernard, Mary, and Richard Selby Memorial Fund through the Adams County Foundation, with the monies benefiting St. Aloysius Catholic Church, Alpha Fire Co. #1, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, and the Littlestown (Borough) Community each year. Sadly, Dick departed this life on February 28, 2017.....until we meet again dear friend!

               Mary Catherine "Kay" Crouse Sentz was born on February 16, 1929 in Littlestown to Robert Levi and Esther Pauline Rohrbaugh Crouse. As a young girl, Kay attended the Littlestown schools graduating in 1947. Following LHS, Sentz attended East Stroudsburg University to complete her four year coursework in order to become a Physical Education teacher with a minor in Biology in 1951. That same year, Kay married the love of her life, Harold "Pop" Sentz and was hired to teach P.E. at Littlestown High in the Fall. To give you an idea of Sentz's coaching record she coached basketball from 1951-1957, coached cheerleaders from 1951-1957 and 1962-1971, coached field hockey from 1966-1975, but from 1971-1975 had three titles and three district playoff berths, coached volleyball from 1966-1979, and coached track from 1972-1975. She became a mother in November of 1957 when their son, Scott was born. In 1985, Kay finally decided she should retire after 30 years of teaching the kids and teens of Littlestown. Harold retired around the same time and the two of them enjoyed traveling around the country and the world. In 1991, Kay felt she needed some competition so she found her outlet by participating in The Senior Games! She competed from 1992-1998 in individual activities which included javelin, discus, shot put, horseshoes, and softball throw. She won over 40 metals at state and national senior games. In 2000, Sentz was inducted into the Adams County Sports Hall of Fame for field hockey, coaching, and senior athlete. She has also kept busy in her retirement as a YMCA aerobics instructor, a volunteer for numerous local charities, and a life long member of Redeemer's UCC.

               Mary Clabaugh (Selby) was born in 1913 to John and Anna (Sanders) Clabaugh in Carroll County, MD. She attended school up until 8th grade in the Bonneauville area. In 1933, she was married to her late husband, Bernard Selby, who passed away suddenly  in 1959 as the result of a fire. They had one child, Dick, who was born in 1934. As a stitcher, Mary worked in a sewing factory in Bonneauville and Windsor Shoe Company in Littlestown for 35 years, retiring from the Littonian Shoe Company in 1981. A huge part of her life was dedicated to the Littlestown community in the following organizations: Littlestown Fire Co. Auxiliary, St. Aloysius Catholic Church, and was very influential in the 1965 Littlestown Bicentennial Celebration along with her loving son. Mary celebrated a life of service to the Littlestown community more than a century after her birth. Despite her age, Mary showed no signs of slowing down, continuing to volunteer with the Red Cross up until her death. Sadly, Mary departed this life on May 3, 2016.....until we meet again dear friend!

            In 1964, the Littlestown Chamber of Commerce led by President, Babe Breighner, began presenting the Outstanding Citizen Award to two of the community's most devoted residents each year. During the Littlestown Bicentennial Celebration, Dr. Howard A. Stonesifer and Roger Keefer were the second set of recipients. Many deserving individuals have received this award over the many years since, but eventually this came to an end. Then, beginning in 2012, The Bittle Bros. & The M.L.S. King Living Legacy Guild created the Littlestown Living Legacy Award  ™ in order to give recognition to two outstanding citizens each year for their countless years of service and dedication to the Littlestown Community. The Outstanding Citizen Award  was inpart the inspiration for  the Littlestown Living Legacy Award  ™, which was ironically first presented to Marvin "Babe" Breighner and Herbert "Herbie" Sell at Myrtle Louise's "Littlestown Walk of Fame Star" Unveiling & Dedication Ceremony. After the Board of Directors have reviewed the qualified potential candidates, they then vote to select two deserving recipients. Upon receiving their award , they become Littlestown Legends, Life Members of The M.L.S. King Living Legacy Guild. Each November, there is an amazing celebration of life which takes place in Littlestown, PA. It's something we like to call, The Littlestown Living Legacy Awards, a great way to say thank you and preserve these living legacies for future generations of Littonians!

               Roger Charles Gouker was born in 1935 to Charles and Dorothy (Myers) Gouker in Littlestown, PA. Following his graduation from LHS in 1953, he worked as a 911 dispatcher for the Littlestown community. In 1962, he was offered a position as a patrolman. In 1967, Gouker took on the role of Littlestown's Police Chief, later running for Sheriff of Adams County in 1981. He married Gloria (Houston) Snyder in 1990, has five children; James, John, Wendy, Holly, and Craig (deceased), nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Then in 1991, after a successful career in providing safety and security to the community, he "retired". Gouker and his wife faithfully attend Bart's Centenary Methodist Church in Littlestown. Today, alongside his wonderful wife, he can be found directing traffic and protecting our community's children, a position which he has served in since his "retirement".

Vern & Candy Rule

Richard  "Dick" Selby

Vernon Charles Rule was born on January 19, 1943 to Charles Rule and Thelma Hagsten Rule Saukko in Bigfork, Minnesota, right near the source of the Mississippi River. Vern grew up in Big Fork near the iron range in Northern Minnesota and graduated from Cherry High School in Iron, Minnesota in the spring of 1961. He had a scholarship to go into mathematics in college, but he turned it down in order to go into the field of religion instead. He attended Virginia Junior College from 1961-1962 and then entered Concordia College in the Fall of 1962. It was during his sophomore year of college that he met the love of his life………. Walta Mildred Child Rule was born on June 4, 1944 to William Walter Ball Child and Mildred Rebecca Sullivan at Hanover Hospital, but everyone knows her as simply, Candy. Candy grew up in Westminster, Maryland and during her senior year of high school, she was runner up for Miss Glenn Burnie of 1962. She graduated on June 7, 1962 from Brooklyn Park High School in Brooklyn Park. After graduating from high school, she decided to attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. They both started in September of 1962, Vern a sophomore having finished a year at Virginia Junior College and Candy a freshmen excited to be far away from home and ready to start in a music program, as well as the possibility of obtaining her pastorate license. The two met on November 5, 1962 in the backseat of a car that was going to a Chippewa White Earth Indian Mission they both happened to apply to through the college. Both were very active and involved in their studies and the college as a whole with ministry and education. Vern started the canoe program at Lake Vermillion in North Eastern Minnesota, which is located in the boundary waters canoe area around three million acres. The two were married on August 22, 1964 at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Virginia, Minnesota when Candy was a sophomore. Vern and Candy graduated on May 1, 1966 from Concordia College…..Vern with a degree in ministry

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               Ralph Ruggles Jr. was born in 1920 to Ralph and Mary (Sayler) Ruggles in Littlestown, PA. Graduating from LHS in 1938, Ruggles entered the U.S. Army during WWII, joining the 70th Infantry Division A Company 274th Regiment. He married his late wife, Dorothy Doel, in 1943 and have two children; Ronald Sr. and Doug, and three grandchildren. Soon, Ruggles was promoted to Sergeant, then guard duty, and in 1945 became 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry. Upon returning home, he took a job as a mail carrier for the Littlestown community. In 1950, Ruggles was asked to head a new community organization, naming him the first President of the Littlestown Jaycees! For 50 years, Ruggles was  a faithful member of Bart's Centenary Methodist Church in Littlestown, now attending the First United Methodist Church of Hanover. Ralph could still be found supporting the Littlestown Jaycees, attending their annual banquets, and was a proud supporter of The M.L.S. King Living Legacy Guild up until his death. Sadly, Ralph departed this life on February 12, 2017.....until we meet again dear friend!

               Anna Louise Rider (Morelock) was born on December 1, 1919 to Thomas J. and Ada (Bowman) Rider in what is known to be the oldest home in Littlestown, PA. While growing up, Louise attended St. Aloysius Catholic School and graduated from Littlestown High School in 1937. Her class was the first to attend all four years in the newly built high school, currently Maple Avenue Middle School. Upon graduation, she attended St. Agnes School, a nursing school in Philadelphia, PA. Graduating in 1940, she began private nursing duties in the Gettysburg area for a short time. She married her childhood friend and neighbor boy, Monroe George Morelock in 1941. They met at one of the old-time medicine shows that used to frequent Littlestown. Louise worked as a stay at home mom during their early married life, taking care of their growing family which included; Jaquiline, Elizabeth, Terrence, and Sally; now with six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. From 1952-1957, Monroe and Louise ran the Littlestown News Stand, which changed locations three different times under their ownership. In 1956, Louise accepted a job as the school nurse at East Berlin School District. After working in several other local school districts, she took a position at Franklin Township Elementary School as a nurse and guidance counselor. During this same time, she was attending Shippensburg University where she received her Bachelor of Science in 1962 and a Masters in Guidance Counseling in 1966. Louise spent the last years of her career as a substitute nurse in the Gettysburg School District, retiring in the 1982-83 school year. Today, you can find Louise still volunteering at the Littlestown Library and Red Cross, tending to her garden, spending time with her family, and cutting a rug on the dance floor. She is a remarkable woman with an incredible drive for living and has no plans of stopping!

               Herbert John Sell was born in 1929 to John and Ada (Panabaker) Sell in Littlestown, PA. He graduated from Littlestown High School in 1947 and served in the U.S. Airforce. Following his service, he entered Shippensburg State College, graduating with a B.A. in Music Education from Western Maryland College. He then received his M.A. in Music Education in 1957 from the University of Maryland (now McDaniel College). In 1952, he married his late wife Eleanor Salter and they had two children, John and Kathy. His career took him to Westminster High School in Maryland, teaching music for thirty five years, as well as directing the Caroll County Choral Society for twenty one years. During his time there, he brought the likes of Duke Ellington, Jester Hairston, Count Bassie, and other renowned band leaders. A life member of Christ UCC in Littlestown, Sell recently became a member of Redeemer's UCC, the church where he has been the Chancel Choir director and assistant organist since the early 70s. Ever since the age of 7, Sell has tickled more ivories than one could count. Besides his musical talent which he provides for the Littlestown community, Sell is an active member of the Lions Club. Today Herbie, as he is known by many, can still be found playing piano in his famous "boogie woogie" style at local performances, restaurants, and even at church.

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